Sunday, September 29, 2013

Idukki Flora and Fauna

Addressed in the god’s own country, Idukki is known for its rich nature and surroundings. It is one of the top hill destination and a perfect place to experience the true colors of the verdant greenery. Idukki is also known as the home to nature. The place offers the perfect ambiance of the nature and captivates more than thousands of tourists through the weekend. It is a promoting destination in Kerala tourism. Kerala known as the paradise to the south never fails in presenting the attractions among which Idukki remains to the one.  It is the second largest district of Kerala covering an area of 4,497 sq. km. The district is offers numbers of attractions among which wildlife sanctuary, hill stations dams, mountain treks, and spice plantations. Idukki being the second largest district it holds the rich variety of flora and faunas.

Flora:  there are many hill stations that come under Idukki district and it is very rich in flora. The hills offer large species of floras.  Idukki is especially known for its flora as they are also a major part of tourist attractions. Half of the area is fully covered by the tea estates and vegetation. There is unmatched variety of floras and it is a hub of different flowers plants. There are more than 150 varieties of flower plants among which some of the major flowers are like Dahlia, sun flower, marigold, petunia, Silesia, dianthus, roses, impatiens, perennial, phlox, verbena, chemparathi, portulaca etc. All these species are seasonal flowers and important attractions of Idukki. Apart from the flowers it also offers a gigantic gallery of vegetation. There are many parks for preserving the rich variety and are well developed. Idukki covers many hill stations which also offer various types of floras. The hill stations like Munnar offers the world famous flower called “Neelkaranjan” which blooms every 12 years.

Faunas: the place includes the top wildlife sanctuaries of the god’s own country which is Idukki wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary is a perfect home to different herds of animals like sambars, dears, elephant, bear, bisons, jungle cats, wild boars, wild dogs, tiger, wild boars, cobra, viper, and many more. There are also many bird sanctuaries which include birds like kingfisher, myna, black bulbul, wood pecker, jungle fowl, red horned sparrows, thrush, peafowl, monkeys, languor, Thar etc. Overall, Idukki is a perfect place to watch the rich variety of faunas at their natural habitat. These sanctuaries are the best way of preserving the species of animals and birds which also plays a vital role in Idukki tourism.

The tourism has been well developed in Idukki and the place can be easily accessible by vehicles. The state is well connected with all the major cities of Indian state like Delhi, Bangalore, Calcutta, Mumbai, Chennai and many more. The nearest rail station to Idukki is Thalasseri station which is about 35 km away from the sanctuary.  Kozhikode airport is the nearest airport located at a distance of 113 km from Idukki. The best time to visit Idukki is between the months of October to June. There are several buses running from the different states and cities to Idukki bus stand. Large numbers of taxis are available Idukki which you can take on hire and reach up to sanctuary and your desired destination. If you are looking for an adventurous and nature holiday, than do not hesitate to travel towards Idukki. It is more than your desired destination.